Hospital Bag! What did I forget? @babycenter #maternity #baby #hospital

I packed my hospital bag(s)!  Less than a month until baby boy arrives! {He is almost 4 years old now – time flies!}

What did I forget? Leave a comment.

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What did I forget? Maternity Hospital Bag! #baby


Car seat (already installed)

Box to carry any gifts home when you leave



Insurance Card and Driver’s License + Hospital Registration Paperwork

Cord Blood Banking Kit (if applicable)

Camera (with video or a separate video camera too)


Chargers (small extension cord with extra plugs might be helpful)



Glasses and Contacts with Solution

Music (with iPod or something to play it on)

Smell good lotion or calming scent {we love essential oils} and focal point object

Pillow or at least pillow case (bright color so it doesn’t get washed with the hospital laundry)


Small Suitcase (the room gets crowded quick! Leave it in the car until after delivery)

Toiletries bag with deodorant, lotion, more chapstick, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush and hair ties, shampoo, make up/face wipes to stay fresh when you can’t shower, extra contacts and solution

Hand sanitizer – Thieves natural hand purifier is our favorite!

Loose clothing – I packed a couple of button down sleep shirts that are great for nursing and made me feel better than the hospital gown.

Gaucho pants and extra large silk pj pants/shorts were great too.

Flip flops (or slippers if you’d rather)


Nursing bras and big undies (I didn’t ever buy special maternity underwear, I just bought some cheap ones in a few sizes larger) The hospital usually provides fancy mesh undies, you might use them instead.

Nursing cover (I didn’t pack a nursing pillow, but you might want one)

Baby book or scrapbook page for guests to sign!

Thank you notes and a pen or two

Small gift for the nurses (My friend that’s a nurse said food is a nice treat! Just baked goods or a fruit basket and don’t forget to designate one for the night shift and day shift):)

Going home outfit (I wore what I wore to the hospital when I had my daughter- you will still need maternity clothes) A dress or something loose will be especially important if you have a C-Section.



Baby (I put these things in a big Ziploc inside my bag so they wouldn’t get lost)

Going home outfit with socks and a hat. Scratch mittens are a plus. The hospital usually provides diapers and a pacifier. Baby doesn’t need much.


Dad Bag

Clothes, comfy shoes, socks, toiletries, pain relief (the hospital chair/guest bed isn’t too comfy), playing cards or other entertainment, a few favorite snacks


Happy Baby Birth Day!

If all else fails bring the car seat!

p.s. If you have other kiddos make plans for them early and pack their bag now! It will be too crazy the day of delivery to worry about them too!


Here are some great tips from some of my friends… Thanks Ladies!

What did I forget? What are MUST HAVE things in your hospital bag?

Check out my most popular post ever – My Unsolicited New Baby Advice #maternity #baby


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  • Truth Mama

    I didn’t bring my Boppy and really wished I had when I had my daughter. This is a really good list though. I put a link to it in my post I did today on my ‘Hospital Bag Checklist’. I also have about a month to go until my baby arrives too!! :)

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  • Amanda Masters

    I have a few to add. If you bring a pillow, have a bright pillowcase so everyone knows it’s yours. An extension cord for your phone, so you can use it in bed no matter where the plug is. I have a male to female usb extension cord, I got so many comments on it. I also use it at home. A collapsable duffle bag. I brought that the last time and it came in handy to carry all of the goodies the hospital gave me. I brought it folded up and it hardly took up any room in my bag but it gave me a whole extra bag to use to bring home stuff. 

    • Jess Smith –

      Great ideas!!!!! I had a bright green pillowcase – it helped brighten the room too :) I had a couple of reusable shopping bags tucked into my suitcase for gifts, a collapsible duffle bag would be so handy! Great idea with the extension cord too – great for travel afterwards too!

  • Michelle Barr

    I brought a Boppy pillow! Not only was it nice to help with breastfeeding, but the car ride home was much more enjoyable with it! Car rides + episotomys = not comfy

    • Jess Smith –

      Who knew Boppy’s were so versatile? Great tip. Good for baby tummy time too.

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