My Maternity Style

No, I’m not pregnant. Just finally catching up on my blog!

Below is a collage of my maternity style. Search “maternity” for more detailed posts.

I started last year when I was pregnant with my little boy. A few things that helped me stay somewhat stylish… buy basic maternity pieces, mainly solids and then change them up with fun jewelry, scarfs, shoes, bags (because these are things you can wear after you are pregnant!) I hated spending money on something I knew I would only wear for a short time. Borrow from friends, checkout consignment, dresses were fabulous in the summer, I wore non-maternity pieces as I could to mix it up a bit too. Also, check out my friend Valerie’s site She is awesome – search maternity on her page. We were pregnant at the same time and she has some great looks and tips.

Visit me on Polyvore too- I’ve added a few maternity looks too –

Maternity Style

Can’t believe our little guy is already 6.5 months old!!

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