Happy BIRTH Day – New Mom Comfort Kit – Hospital / Birthing Center Bag {FREE PRINTABLE}

We celebrated Baby Jack at Natalie’s baby shower a few weeks ago.

I made Natalie a new mom comfort kit to take to the birthing center / hospital.

Happy BIRTH Day Kit - New Mom Comfort Kit - Hospital - Birthing Center Bag - getSNAZZY

Snacks (granola bar, fruit strips), notepad and pen, nail polish, iTunes gift card, chapstick, Kleenex, breath mints, anti-stress lotion, mouthwash, face/hand wipes, hair ties. Update: Now that I use and love Young Living Essential oils I would add some lavender or Gentle Babies blend! Tender Tush would be a great addition too! What else would you add?

I looked for a cute clear make-up bag, but I couldn’t find one that I liked and then I remembered this bag from a Johnson’s Baby Gift Set that I had received for both kids :) It was already empty so I added the new mom kit things instead.

Johnsons First Touch Beginner Baby Gift Set

Remember this post? I looked back at my notes about what to pack for the hospital when I made this kit.

I made the label and attached it with a luggage tag.

FREE PRINTABLE- I made 3 options – pink, green and blue booties. Click to download each color in Google Docs. Let me know if you want another color! Feel free to personalize the booties with the baby’s name or initials!

Free Printable - Click for Google Docs- Happy BIRTH Day getSNAZZY.com New Mom Comfort Kit Hospital Survival Birthing Center Bag

Check out my “Unsolicited New Baby Advice” too.

What’s your favorite DIY baby shower gift?

The shower decorations were so cute.

Look at these awesome, easy party favors too!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

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  • http://frugalfarmwife.com/ Elise

    That’s a great bag! I might add Lansinoh for a nursing mom. If that’s not too personal…

    • http://www.getsnazzy.com Jess

      Thanks Elise! Great idea for an addition!

    • Anonymous

       Elise- great suggestion!That stuff is amazing.

  • Oopsey Daisy

    I love the idea of a birthday comfort kit!  Great idea. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  • Paramax166

    I recently put together 2 “New Mom Survival Bags” that had all of the things you listed with the addition of extra snacks/sweets, protein shakes like Special K or Boost, Special K protein meal bars, cottonelle flushable wipes, basic toiletries like deodorant, shampoo, etc., and the current edition of parents magazine…. they both LOVED their bags and said they were taking them to the hospital ”as is”….

    • Anonymous

      Paramax166 – thanks for adding to the list! Great ideas!

  • http://www.pocketfullofprose.blogspot.com/ Lara

    Love this. Thanks for sharing. We are adopting a baby in June and I want to do something for the birth mother in the hospital. This will be perfect. So many hospital gift baskets involve a ton of baby stuff and that isn’t really appropriate in our situation, so thanks for the suggestions! 

    • Anonymous

      Lara- what a neat gift for an adoption.   Congrats to your growing family!

  • guest

    I think a pretty pair of cloth nursing pads would be a wonderful addition.  Look at these on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/engorgeous

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Love that the shop is called Engorgeous. Hilarious – cute things!

  • Zimmermom6

    Nail polish remover pads would be better than polish. A pulse oxcimeter (sp?) needs to be on a bare nail. I also agree with adding nursing pads & lanolin. I actually used the same bag for making my own kit when I had my daughter last month. It’s the perfect size!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      The bag is great isn’t it! I was thinking pedicure- but good thought about plain fingernails. My nails always get chipped so I rarely paint them anyway!

    • HippieChick476

      Actually, if it’s not dark dark nail polish and Mom’s hands are warm, it’ll pick up the reading.

      • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

        Thanks @hippiechick476 I only had my toes painted so I didn’t have any trouble. Guess they can take it off if it’s a problem.

  • Amanda

    I love this!  Found this on pinterest.   I would probably add a small can of dry shampoo!  

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

       Thanks! A couple of people have suggested dry shampoo, I’ve never used it. I think I’m missing out. Great tip.

  • Teresa McClain

    I love this! Maybe I’d add some fuzzy socks.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

       Fuzzy socks! Great idea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/firstumcdekalb Patricia Butler Hager

    I would add baby nail clippers. The hospital won’t give you any and nursing is much happier all around when baby has short nails!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      I know my kiddos wouldn’t keep mittens on, I always got nervous cutting their nails, but man, they are sharp!

      • Aprilann

        They don’t give them to you because your not supposed to cut their nails  just yet when they are in the hospital!!! I absolutely hate when mothers in the hospital don’t listen and then hit their call button frantic because their newborn’s nails are bleeding =-/   (I’m a scrub tech on L&D)

        • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

           Yikes. Definitely don’t want that. Thanks for sharing.

          • Sarah

            Nail files work great and then there aren’t any bleeding nails :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fkarenbomagat.etsy.com%2F&h=BAQGZTNBw Karenbomagat

    I would definitely add a pair of Toes-Ts slipper socks! Find them on Etsy or Facebook! 

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Thanks Karen. I visited your etsy shop – warm and cozy!

      • Karenbomagat

        Thanks for the compliment –My stuff is sort of seasonal since most of  it is fleece–I have more items just before the xmas season but the quilted kitchen items are new. I hope you drop in again sometime! _____karenbomagat.etsy.com

  • http://be-it-ever-so-humble.blogspot.com/ Mrs Mordecai

    Awesome! I would add really nice toilet paper for afterwards. The hospital stuff is just not acceptable. :)

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

       Ha. It’s definitely not soft! Nice suggestion.

  • momof2

    How about earplugs? Hahahaha

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      ha! That did make me think of an eye mask for getting a few minutes of sleep in the dark!

  • Amylynnpierceall

    Super cute idea, I might make one for my friend this weekend. Love the fuzzy socks! Maybe add a special book or magazine? Very nice idea, thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

       Hope your friend enjoyed!

  • Rsmichael1

    I would also include those disposable toothbrushes and face wipes. I was obsessed with being clean while I was stuck in the bed after my csection! And tap lights! They are perfect for when the nurses bring your baby to you during the night!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

       Tap Lights!  Genius. 

  • Tammy

    What a great idea, and great additional ideas ( the toilet paper can also be used to put pressure on your back during labor) I would add a small busy picture, I would try to focus on the smallest thing in a picture to get through the biggest contractions. was able to have 3 of my 4 babies with no meds. 

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      The focus picture is a great idea. I brought a picture that said peace.

  • Randimerendina

    Chapstick, ugh i remember my lips being so dry when i was in labor! Love this idea, def using it for the new mommys to be :)

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Glad you like it! It’s been a popular gift idea! I agree, you can’t have enough chapstick!

  • Lindsay_dunning

    If I know the new mom well, I always show up with magazines, Gatorade or fruit-flavored water and really GOOD maxi-pads. I was on clear liquids after both c-sections (first one was a shock… Went in prepared for natural childbirth with no meds), so snacks were off-limits and I wanted to punch every nurse/aid that walked in with broth- YUCK. And those pads they give you are ridiculous. It’s like having a pillow wrapped in a trash bag in your pants. No thanks. So I buy good Always ones for my close friends. First time moms look at you crazy but will never stop thanking you once they figure out why.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Agreed! No one tells you about the pads! Moms need to help each other out!

  • Telizabeth32

    Love the idea! Great gift. BUT- nail polish? hahahaha so funny. First- there was NO WAY I could have sat still during labor to paint my nails!! Oh even after- who wants the hospital room to stink like nail polish with a newborn. I was a freak about anythign toxic around that baby. I would do maybe soemthign else to help Mom feel pretty. Mascara? ha.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Well, I did my nails at home a few days before… no baby yet, no fumes in the hospital and still pretty :)

  • Susanna Hindman

    Someone may have already suggested this, but some good lanolin cream is great for moms that want to breastfeed. 

    • http://www.getsnazzy.com Jess

      Thanks for the suggestion. Good addition!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      I think I used a whole tube!!

  • Aly

    How about a nice lavender face/skin spritzer? I just had a c-section a month ago and felt like I was so gross and sweaty. Plus you can’t get up so easily to wash your face or shower. Maybe a nice addition to face wipes? And you could make it yourself….I have no idea if they sell something like that.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Great ideas! It felt so good to finally SHOWER!

  • Guest

    I used a make up bag to put the items in. I love this idea! thank you for posting! 

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Cute! Make up bag will be great to use again.

  • Romeosjuliet86

    Dry shampoo spray! I showered right before going into the hospital and then had to have surgery after 2 days of long labor and wasn’t allowed a shower for 4 days!!! So needless to say my hair looked horrible and greasy. Wish I had know about dry shampoo then.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      I still haven’t tried dry shampoo. I’ve heard lots of people rave about it.

  • Karynne

    My Aunt is having a scheduled C-section on Monday and I am bringing this to her! Thank you so much!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Hope she liked it!

  • Nharp

    So cute! Deck of cards or travel games.. I had to be in the hospital for 3 weeks before delivery so something to keep busy was hard to come up with!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Thanks! Yes, games are great!

  • http://twitter.com/YoliLuvs Yoli

    Perhaps Febreeze for aromatherapy??

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Kdlichner

    I made one of these for my dil, wish I would have thought of it sooner!  I also added a pair of little slippers with no slip soles and a word serach(don’t forget to include a pen).  Also a daily devotional…she will be there 4 days.  She will love this, I am delivering it to the hospital the day of surgery. 

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Great additions!

  • Bslocter

    A roll of quarters

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Ah, yes! I was so hungry in the middle of the night! I’m glad the nurses had snacks for us. Quarters are a great idea.

  • Jaclyn

    Aww what an amazing idea!! Thanks for sharing :)

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Thanks for your note. I like the heading of your blog “I always wondered what happens after my fairytale came true……”

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  • Deah

    What a great idea! Where did you find the white luggage tag, if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks !

  • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

    I probably took 6 tubes of Chapstick with me! And some how didn’t finish a single tube, they disappear!

  • Shelmccormick

    when i was in the hospital after the birth of my son i relized my nails were too long for handling my little boy durring feedings and changings. no one in the whole hospital could find a pair of nail clippers. so id add in a cute little nail kit with clippers and a flie.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      I ended up using a file at first and mittens! I was scared to cut them. My hubby usually still cuts their nails- ha.

  • Bleuandpink16

    I always forget to bring some mascara with me. Everyone and their sister wants to come see you in the hospital…having some freshly painted lashes makes me feel a little better about seeing people when I don’t feel like having company.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Mascara and some face wipes can make all the difference to make you feel refreshed.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/scrappinggalaxy Melissa Conklin

    Cucumber face wipes. After 30 hrs of labor and an emergency C-section the face wipes and lip balm were a blessing. And a nice deep soup spoon for those ice chips that seem to slide everywhere

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Ah, ice chips. Agreed, face wipes and lip balm!

  • http://www.facebook.com/leslie.b.pearson Leslie Burns Pearson

    I would add Tucks medicated pads….along with the cozy socks and flushable wipes.

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Leslie- great additions. Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jackie.armich Jackie Henson Armich

    This is really a great idea! I’m due in just 3 weeks and a good friend of mine made me something similar. She called it a “push pack”. It was filled with a few little snacks, loads of travel size toiletries, soft socks, a nursing tank, and loads of other little goodies. I put it straight in to my “go bag” with my robe and a comfy pair of lounge pants. Now all I’ve got left to pack is an outfit to go home in and an outfit for baby. This really was the BEST gift!!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Cute idea to call it a “push pack” Happy almost baby! p.s. Pack a maternity outfit for going home or at least stretch pants or a loose dress if it’s warm enough.

  • http://www.facebook.com/katasha.ice Katasha Ice

    i would add chocolate and a planner in the basket too so you can write down those important appointments!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      CHOCOLATE! Great idea! A planner would be great for scattered “mom brain”

  • Jennifer Halvorson Wilkinson

    Love this post, I just found you through Pinterest! My sister is having her first baby in November, and I’m going to do one for her. She’s going to have to have a c-section due to a previous uterine surgery, and I’ve had two myself. I would add a nice SOFT towel in this. After painfully patting my incision dry with the hospital sandpaper towels the first time, I learned and brought a towel the second time and it was WAY better. Thanks for the ideas!!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Christy Coppedge Stewart

    I love this idea, my oldest daughter is due with her third baby in September, and she is so busy, not thinking about herself and what she will need at the hospital. I think I will also add and hair brush and a light body spray. Can’t wait to start putting it together. Thanks for sharing!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      I’m glad you can do something for her! Baby often gets all of the attention. Moms need a little TLC too :)

  • Lauren H

    I found you through pinterest – and I’m so grateful for the idea and the continuation of ideas from the comments! Due to all of you ladies combined, I just finished a shower gift for my friend that I’m calling a “Push Pack”… I bought her registered for diapered bag and filled it with: Pens, snack bars, Hair Ties, Hair Bands, Cozy Socks (with slip guards since she can’t see her feet), facial towelettes, chapstick, puffs, charmin, nail file, lanolin, tucks, Always Radiant/Infinity overnight pads (they don’t have the mesh – one of you talked about that hurting), flushable wipes, some newborn huggies (I’m splitting a package between this gift for her and one for another friend), wipes and a children’s book that has a connection to how we met:) All and all, came in around $80-$85, but I was in a rush and didn’t have much in the way of coupons. I split some of the things up – again to use for another shower gift, or for myself – to keep the “gift cost” down a bit. i.e. there is only one roll of Charmin in the bag.

    Rather than a gift tag, I made a full half sheet with a little delivery comic and a list of what all is in the pack and why (usually in a funny way. i.e. “Puffs – Hospital sandpaper? No thank you.”)

    I’ve never had a baby – so the comments about tucks, pads, etc were great! Thanks, ladies!

    • http://www.getSNAZZY.com/ Jess Smith – getSNAZZY.com

      Very cute (and useful)… I love the idea of the comic as the tag!

  • ashley

    I have added bag balm as it works great for diaper rash and eczema. I usually add something silly to it.

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