{Free Printable} Baby Clothes Storage Labels

{Free Printable} Baby and Kid Clothes Storage Labels

A soon-to-be mom asked me, “If I had to do it over again… what would I have done right before my babies were born?”

This might sounds crazy, but I told her…

 Make a plan NOW to declutter & organize as your kids outgrow things.

I’m a pretty organized person, but adjusting to life with 2 kids under 3 was a little overwhelming.  I didn’t really have a plan of what to do with piles of baby clothes and tons of “things” as they outgrew them.

So, I have something for YOU– free printable labels for each size of baby and kid clothes. Print these off before baby is born and put them in a safe place.  Wash the clothes and immediately put them in a labeled box by size. Empty diaper boxes work great for sorting clothes.  Then you can save them for your next baby or prepare for a garage sale or sell them to consignment.  I wish I had a plan for organizing before baby turned 1! Hope this helps organize the chaos.  If you are storing clothes long term, plastic tubs might be an option.

p.s. My other answer to her question would be go on date nights and just breathe. Adjusting to motherhood is a crazy, beautiful adventure!

Click here to download: Free Printable Baby Clothes Storage Labels (boy and girl sizes Newborn to 16) + keepsake and blanks.


Baby Clothes Size Signs for storage or garage sale getSNAZZY kids clothes labels


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