Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp {Week 2 } – Establish Routines

{Week 2} of Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp is to establish routines.

I am a planner. I love routines.

Routines are things that you can do regularly to make life easier. They don’t need to be complicated. Here are some of our basic routines that we do to help calm the chaos- as a mom of two kids under age 3, I definitely need routines!

I made these routine charts and put them in the hallway by the kids’ bedrooms. I included pictures since they are too little to read!  Establishing routines keeps things running smoother.  Tweak depending on age, but I basically do the same routine for our 1 year old and our almost 3 year old.

Good Morning Routine

Morning Routines for Kids After School Routine FREE Printable getSNAZZY

After School (I added a few steps for older kids, our preschooler doesn’t have homework yet!)

After School Routine for Kids get your life organized boot camp FREE Printable getSNAZZY

Good Night Routine for Bedtime

Bedtime Good Night Routine for Kids get your life organized boot camp FREE Printable getSNAZZY

Click here to download all 3 checklists (morning, after school and bedtime routine) as a PDF. Or you can right click on the images above and “save as” to your computer. Do you do things in a different order? Leave me a comment and I’ll make a few other variations in an upcoming post.

Notice that these charts are checklists and not sticker or reward charts. They just display the expected activities as a reminder, so I am not doing the nagging and reminding.

Routines Reduce Power Struggles

As Amy McCready of Positive Parenting Solutions says, “Routines are a parent’s best friend when it comes to reducing power struggles. When there’s a logical, orderly procession of events that’s been established, the pressure is lifted from the parents – they’re no longer the “bad guy.””

Be consistent, follow through. Ignore any attempts to negotiate and soon your kids will follow the routine without a fuss. Things definitely aren’t perfect at our house and it still gets crazy, but routines are a definite must to calming the chaos!

I especially love the idea of “when-then” routines. I’ve been reading the book, If I Have to Tell You One More Time. . .: The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids To Listen Without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling. The author, Amy McCready, says, “The most effective type of routine is a “When-Then” routine, which places a desirable activity (snacktime, TV time) at the tail end of a list of undesirable, but necessary, activities. And it’s always phrased the same way. For instance, you can inform your kids that “When the yucky stuff is out of the way (make bed, get dressed, tidy room) then breakfast is served.” Or, when your homework is done, lunch box cleaned out and backpack ready and by the door for the next day, then you can go out and play with your friends.”

Preschool Checklist for Backpack

Another quick routine I’d like to share is our preschool checklist. I printed this checklist and put it in a luggage tag on our daughter’s backpack.  Every night before school I double check that everything is ready and then in the morning I take another quick look to make sure we don’t forget anything. It was especially helpful when my husband took her to school a few times when I was at home with a newborn. I haven’t forgotten her lunch yet (knock on wood).

School Bag Checklist on preschool backpack - morning routine - before school luggage tag - getSNAZZY

Do you love routines as much as I do? Checkout Sharon’s video from  for some great tips about routines. I especially like her idea of identifying things that I do every day that I could do more efficiently once a week (like picking out clothes).

What are your routines?


Stay tuned as I continue with the Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp. You should join!

p.s. Downloads are free, but I would love it if you’d leave me a comment! Follow me on Pinterest too :) All opinions are my own.

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  • Kat Biggie

    These are AWESOME! Sorry it took me a day to get over here… it’s been hectic! Soooo… I would love a good morning routine with the EAT BREAKFAST first, cause that’s what we do. Other than that, it’s in the order we do it! Thank you, and you’re awesome! (I am in an awesome kind of mood today I suppose!)

    • Jess Smith –

      Thanks for stopping by! We are working on getting dressed before breakfast so it’s not a scramble!

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  • Shari Pais Pittaro

    love these can i move the order around once i download it???

    • Jess Smith –

      Hi Shari – I just saw your comment. I can change the order for you if you want. Email me

  • PamelaMKramer

    These are great! I’m adding them to my Printables Pinterest Board to share with others. :)

    • Jess Smith –

      Thanks Pamela!

  • Amanda

    I love them! But can you email me the routine charts so I can fix some fo them like our routines?

  • Dawn Martinez

    i love these routine charts but can you email them to me so i can change a few of the routines for my kids?

  • Jessica Day

    Any chance of getting a working copy so I can edit some items, like include take meds in the morning, etc.? Thank you!!!

  • Whitney Cue

    I absolutely love these!! I have tried to make my own but was not able too and would love it if you could email me them so I can edit some of the things around.

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