Thank You Note – Teacher Appreciation Class Picture

Our preschool teachers loved this thank you card! It’s hard to get everyone in the same picture during the hectic time right before class starts, so we did the next best thing! Individual pictures that spelled out “Thank You” The kids were only 2 so it was a little crazy, but it didn’t matter that some weren’t holding the letters. It made it even cuter and captured the personality of the class!

Things that made this a great Teacher’s Appreciation gift – it’s personalized and not a crazy Pinterest project they won’t use. We also gave the teachers a gift card.

Teacher Thank You Card Free Printable ABCs getSNAZZY

Teacher Appreciation Thank You Card - Free Printable ABC


1. Pick a phrase based on the number of people (you can always add extra exclamation points!)

2. Download and Print Letters

3. Have each person hold one letter.

4. Take a picture.

5. Make a collage of the pictures and print. I used Picasa (you could make it by hand too)

6. Decorate with scrapbook paper or a card if you want.  Make sure to put the year and the names of all the kids!


The possibilities are endless! Notes for anyone – teachers, volunteers, parents, grandparents, friends.


The full alphabet of Doctor Soos Bold Font here as a PDF.

You can also download the font and then customize the colors on your computer using this Word document with the ABC’s.  It’s a font called Doctor Soos Bold. I think it changed it’s name to Green Eggs Bold. Try these link – or


Thanks for the inspiration – Tutus and Turtles. Check out her site!


What do you do for Teacher Appreciation or End of School gifts? Leave a comment below!

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