Get Your Life Organized {Week 3} – Getting the Most Out of Your Calendar!

It’s {Week 3} of Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp. Here was our homework from Sharon, “This week I would like to for you to take a good hard look at the calendar system that you are using to run your life. Does it still work for you? Does it give you the ability to access it wherever and whenever you need it? Is it easy to use- doing some of the work for you?”  Mostly, Yes and now it does…

My Calendar

I am a gmail girl and an iphone lover. Don’t laugh, but I have 6 gmail accounts and corresponding calendars. (it works for me, especially since I can access them from any computer or my phone)
1. Personal Account  2. Family Combined  3. My Business –  4. My Blog 5. My other business  6. My junk mail aka when I sign up for things (I just use the email; I don’t have the calendar set up)


I have been using the calendar app that comes standard on the iphone, it allows me to see all the calendars on one screen, but doesn’t have a print feature. Today I found something GREAT…

calprint iphone app - calendar organization - print iphone calendar - day - get organized boot camp - momof6 - getSNAZZY


CalPrint for iPhone Calendar Printing (and viewing)

CalPrint is available on itunes for $1.99 – totally worth it for the added features and flexibility.
Highlights: You can view and print lists of appointments plus daily, weekly and monthly calendars
You can email PDFs of your calendars too! Each calendar has a different color too (can’t customize very easily) Here’s the itunes description: “CalPrint uses your existing calendar entries on your iPhone (Exchange, iCal and Google Calendars etc) and is not just a great calendar printing utility, it is a fully featured calendar viewing and organizing app that enables you to view, group, add or edit your appointments and tasks. You can easily get an overview of your schedule by Day, Week, Month or as a list of appointments.”


Sharon with Momof6 uses iCal (I don’t have a Mac, yet anyway) and prints her weekly calendar and adds “to do” list items. CalPrint will allow me to print off my calendar (that includes alllll of my gmail accounts) as needed too. I’m going to add a bulletin board to my Command Center (in place of the printed family calendar) and pin my weekly calendar there.


My Old Fashioned Spiral Notebook

I also have a small spiral notebook on my nightstand to jot down “to-dos” that I think of when I’m about to go to sleep! I then transfer them into my phone so I will have my info everywhere I go. I haven’t figured out the best iphone app for my “to-dos” that aren’t date/time specific. Suggestions? Right now I just use the note app or put them in my calendar under an random time.


Grocery IQ

Grocery-IQ iphone app logo shopping list made simple getsnazzyJust a quick note about one of my favorite iphone apps. Grocery iQ is the only way I keep my shopping lists now. I never lose a piece of paper or forget to take the list with me. I created an account on my computer and also have the app. I made lists according to my favorite stores and also a list of favorite items to make list making extra quick. I could go on and on about the great features…  oh and it’s FREE. Check out the Grocery iQ website or visit itunes!

Stay tuned as I continue with the Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp. You should join!

p.s. What calendar system do you use? I would love it if you’d leave me a comment! Follow me on Pinterest too :) All opinions are my own.


Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp {Week 2 } – Establish Routines

{Week 2} of Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp is to establish routines.

I am a planner. I love routines.

Routines are things that you can do regularly to make life easier. They don’t need to be complicated. Here are some of our basic routines that we do to help calm the chaos- as a mom of two kids under age 3, I definitely need routines!

I made these routine charts and put them in the hallway by the kids’ bedrooms. I included pictures since they are too little to read!  Establishing routines keeps things running smoother.  Tweak depending on age, but I basically do the same routine for our 1 year old and our almost 3 year old.

Good Morning Routine

Morning Routines for Kids After School Routine FREE Printable getSNAZZY

After School (I added a few steps for older kids, our preschooler doesn’t have homework yet!)

After School Routine for Kids get your life organized boot camp FREE Printable getSNAZZY

Good Night Routine for Bedtime

Bedtime Good Night Routine for Kids get your life organized boot camp FREE Printable getSNAZZY

Click here to download all 3 checklists (morning, after school and bedtime routine) as a PDF. Or you can right click on the images above and “save as” to your computer. Do you do things in a different order? Leave me a comment and I’ll make a few other variations in an upcoming post.

Notice that these charts are checklists and not sticker or reward charts. They just display the expected activities as a reminder, so I am not doing the nagging and reminding.

Routines Reduce Power Struggles

As Amy McCready of Positive Parenting Solutions says, “Routines are a parent’s best friend when it comes to reducing power struggles. When there’s a logical, orderly procession of events that’s been established, the pressure is lifted from the parents – they’re no longer the “bad guy.””

Be consistent, follow through. Ignore any attempts to negotiate and soon your kids will follow the routine without a fuss. Things definitely aren’t perfect at our house and it still gets crazy, but routines are a definite must to calming the chaos!

I especially love the idea of “when-then” routines. I’ve been reading the book, If I Have to Tell You One More Time. . .: The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids To Listen Without Nagging, Reminding, or Yelling. The author, Amy McCready, says, “The most effective type of routine is a “When-Then” routine, which places a desirable activity (snacktime, TV time) at the tail end of a list of undesirable, but necessary, activities. And it’s always phrased the same way. For instance, you can inform your kids that “When the yucky stuff is out of the way (make bed, get dressed, tidy room) then breakfast is served.” Or, when your homework is done, lunch box cleaned out and backpack ready and by the door for the next day, then you can go out and play with your friends.”

Preschool Checklist for Backpack

Another quick routine I’d like to share is our preschool checklist. I printed this checklist and put it in a luggage tag on our daughter’s backpack.  Every night before school I double check that everything is ready and then in the morning I take another quick look to make sure we don’t forget anything. It was especially helpful when my husband took her to school a few times when I was at home with a newborn. I haven’t forgotten her lunch yet (knock on wood).

School Bag Checklist on preschool backpack - morning routine - before school luggage tag - getSNAZZY

Do you love routines as much as I do? Checkout Sharon’s video from  for some great tips about routines. I especially like her idea of identifying things that I do every day that I could do more efficiently once a week (like picking out clothes).

What are your routines?


Stay tuned as I continue with the Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp. You should join!

p.s. Downloads are free, but I would love it if you’d leave me a comment! Follow me on Pinterest too :) All opinions are my own.

DIY Organized Family Command Center {Free Printables}

Organized Family Command Center

I made an organized family command center (without buying anything new)!

What do you already have at home that you can use?  Get started today!

I’ve been thinking about making a Command Center since we moved into our house (ummm… that was 5 years ago) So, what was the problem?  I never got started because it was overwhelming. Well thanks to Momof6 Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp I finally got motivated. Sharon – thanks for the great tips!

 Command Center How To:

  1. Decide what things you want featured in your command center. Check out my organization inspiration board on Pinterest.
  2. Gather your supplies
  3. Plan your layout, measure twice!
  4. Print documents
  5. Hang Frames
  6. USE your command center daily! It doesn’t do any good if it isn’t functional, adjust as needed.


My Command Center Supplies:

Hanging on the walls

Family Photo

Family Photo - Kitchen Command Center

Family Motto / Mission Statement – Ours spells SMITH FAMILY

Smith Family Motto - Family Mission Statement - getSNAZZY - Command Center

Initial – wooden letter from Hobby Lobby, I covered it in scrapbook paper using double-sided tape and outlined it in Sharpie

Family Calendar (click here for free PDF printable) 16×20 Frame

Blank Family Calendar - Organize - Command Center - getSNAZZY

Cleaning/Home Checklists (free PDF printable) 2 4×6 frames – Daily and Weekly/Monthly

Family Command Center Cleaning Checklists Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp getSNAZZY

Babysitter Checklist from imom – 8×10 frame – I printed my own header and taped it on top :)

Babysitter Checklist from imom Kitchen Family Command Center Free Printable getSNAZZY

Blank Menu for Meal Planning (click here for free PDF printable) – 8×10 frame

Blank Menu for Meal Planning Family Command Center - getSNAZZY

Last Name Painting –

On the counter top

File Organizer – Oxford DecoFlex Letter Size Desktop Hanging File

Hanging Folders (labeled Bills to Pay, To Do Immediate, To Do Future, Meal Planning, Coupons, School)

Small Spiral Letter Holder

Post Its, pens, pencils, notepad and dry erase markers with erasers (to write on the glass of the frames)


ClosetMaid 2-Door Organizer – Espresso (I added my own knobs)

  • Right now this cabinet has snacks for the kids organized into dollar store bins (I recycle all of the packaging as soon as I get home from the store, it takes up a lot less room!) I might relocate the snacks and do something else with this space.  Ideas?

Dollar Store Bins for Supplies or Snacks Kitchen Organization getSNAZZY


Random notes:

I used Bookman Old Style and Simply Gorgeous fonts

Scrapbook paper is discontinued. I used “My Mind’s Eye BH Backyard adventure” for the initial and Periphery for the calendar background.



Stay tuned as I continue with the Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp. You should join!

p.s. Downloads are free, but I would love it if you’d leave me a comment! Follow me on Pinterest too :)


Thanks for joining me on my 4 week journey: Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp.

Click each week to see my progress!

{Intro} Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp
{Week 1 } Set Up Some Stations!
{Week 2 } Establish Routines
{Week 3} Getting the Most Out of Your Calendar!
{Week 4} Menu Planning

Organize and Decorate EverythingTip Junkie

Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp

I’m jumping into Momof6′s Get Your Life Organized Boot Camp!

Momof6-Get-Your-Life-Organized-Boot-Camp-Badge getSNAZZY

Join us! {Week 1} – Set Up Some Stations!

I’ll be posting my progress along the way.

I’m I used to be a pretty organized person, but as our family has grown I find myself feeling more cluttered and less organized. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.

Here’s what I realized:

1. Keeping yourself organized is one thing, but organizing a whole family is a different story. Being a mom is great, but can also be overwhelming!

2. Making a plan and getting in a routine helps tremendously

3. DONE is better than perfect

4. If something doesn’t have a “home” I tend to put it in a pile or a stack. AHHH. Which reminds me of this quote by John Wooden, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

5. I’m ready to get organized with some strategies that I can keep up with! You should join me!


Off to work on setting up my stations! You should too ;)



18 Tips for a Money Making Garage Sale

Today was our neighborhood garage sale. It was my first garage sale / yard sale experience. It was a success!

Garage Sale Sign - Tips for a money making garage sale yard sale getsnazzy

18 Tips for a Money Making Garage Sale

Before the Sale

1. What are you going to sell?  Purge and declutter! Consider gathering items from friends and family (it gets more complicated to have more people, but it also can increase your traffic by having a bigger sale)

2. Gather Supplies – Save boxes – flat boxes or diaper boxes make great bins for displaying items. Start saving them a few weeks before your sale. Buy or borrow collapsible tables – these banquet tables are awesome for parties, garage sales, everything. Get labels and signs (see below)

3. Advertise - Our neighborhood has 2 garage sales a year so we decided to piggy back on their advertising! They posted signs throughout the community, placed in the local newspapers and advertised on craigslist.  I had a couple of generic red garage sale signs and bought some bright colored party balloons for the mailbox. Our neighbor across the street had a sale too and posted some big signs with arrows to our street (Thanks Tiffany!) We also advertised on our community Facebook page.

4. Get Change – Go to the bank at least 2 days before your sale (so you don’t forget)  2 rolls of quarters, 25 $1, 8 $5, 4 $10 and maybe 2 $20 if you are selling big items (keep track of your starting money)

5. Make a plan for your kids. A garage sale can get busy! Thanks to my mom for coming over to help watch the kiddos. If you’re kids are old enough to understand money they can help and learn some valuable lessons by helping with the sale (still a great idea to have an extra person to keep an eye on them during the sale while you are busy making change and helping customers)

Setting up your Sale

6. Organize your “store” by category – this is so important. Think of your sale as a “mini-store”- group like things together and try to set them up so items are visible! Increase your sales by showcasing whole outfits or items that might go together. Think like a customer!

7. Stage Ahead of Time – set up and stage your tables in your garage the night or two before. The morning of the sale just move your tables into the driveway and start selling! Don’t waste your time organizing that morning – you might miss some sales! Start at 7:30am or early.  Our sale lasted until noon. We only had a 1 day sale, I’d recommend 2.

8. Labels – I used these Avery Preprinted Removable Garage Sale Labels and it made it so easy. Don’t over complicate your pricing strategy.  I made a sign that said “Most clothes are $1, buy 10 and get 2 free!” The sticker labels made it nice because people didn’t have to ask me about every single item, they knew my asking price. I did not label some of the “big ticket” items, this allowed people to ask me if they were interested and helped me make some sales!

9. Have a “junk” table – Gather small toys and trinkets and label them with a big sign – only 25 Cents! Great to entertain kids while their parents shop.

During the Sale

10. Get a partner! It can get pretty busy so it’s nice to have someone to help you. Thanks Gina :)

11. Greet each customer and be friendly! Promote your expensive items or point out deals (buy 1 get 1 free, just marked down, etc.)

12. FREE – make your customers comfortable – we had free lemonade! It was a hot day so people definitely appreciated it.

13. Word of caution, stay alert. We had someone come to our sale and ask a whole bunch of questions, move a lot of things around and ask for price changes and then changed her mind and only bought 2 small things) I’d like to think that everyone is honest, but they are not. If you get uncomfortable take a step back, don’t rush and keep your money in your pocket. Ask them to set all of their items aside and that you will tell them a price when they are done shopping.

14. Negotiate.  Is it really worth losing a sale because you wouldn’t lower the price by $1? Probably not. When you are labeling prices to begin with you might label a few things slightly higher and then offer someone a deal if they seem interested in your item. People love to get an additional discount  – I know I do! On the other hand, know what your rock bottom price is.

15. Keep your money on you at ALL times. I wore an apron and kept the coins in one pocket and the bills in an envelope in another. I made dividers out of bright colored paper to separate denominations in my envelope so I could quickly find change.  I didn’t ever take the envelope out of my apron pocket. A coupon organizer or money bag would work pretty well too. Don’t use a cash box. Don’t accept checks.

16. Check Out Station – Have a little table (we used a tv tray) as your check out station. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MONEY OUT. This was a place to have grocery bags and some boxes for people to bag their sales, I also had a calculator, pen and paper. When making a sale, agree on a price before you start making change. If they need change tell them the amount before you start digging in your money envelope. Hold out their payment until you have the change. Complete your transaction.  This will help avoid confusion of “I gave you a $10, not a $5″. If you want to you make keep a ledger and note what you sold and the price go for it. I didn’t really care to keep track of what sold for what price, I just wanted it sold :) We had a simple spreadsheet to put tally marks on to track $. I’ll post it next time.

After the Sale

17. What are you going to do with things that don’t sell? I listed a few of my large items on craigslist and then might take a few to consignment. Everything else I am donating.  The purpose of my garage sale was to DECLUTTER and make a little extra spending money. Don’t bring leftovers back into your house. If it was in your sale, you do not need it anymore. GET RID OF IT.  Many donation companies will arrange to come to your house and pick up items and give you a tax-deductible receipt.

18. How much did you make? First, count out the change that you started with so it doesn’t get counted as a sale. Then count your earnings! If you had a multifamily sale make sure you divide the sales appropriately.  My next post will talk about how to organize a multi-family garage sale.

What are your tips for a successful garage sale? This was my first one and it was very successful. Let the decluttering begin again!




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