Favorites- Baby/Toddler Bath Time

14 months (446 days) into mommyhood = a lot of baths!

Here are some of my favorite things.  Note to new moms- do you really need these things? No, but I have enjoyed the peace of mind, convenience and fun. These are just my opinions, I was not paid for my thoughts. But if you want to give me a penny for my thoughts next time, let me know. :) ha.

Cleanwater Bathtub w/ Thermometer

It looks like a regular plastic tub that goes in the kitchen sink, but it has a few added features. It has 2 drains, so clean water can circulate and the dirty water can drain during the bath. It also has a built in digital thermometer (very easy to read- the temp is displayed and the back lighting changes between blue, green and red if it gets too hot. Again, it might be a little fancy, but as a first time mom it was great.  We registered for ours at Buy Buy Baby. The company also has a website – www.4moms.com/

Digital Thermometer - Courtesy 4moms.com

Munchkin Inflatable Duck Bathtub

Probably the best $11.59 I have ever spent! C was getting to big for the infant tub, but not ready for the big bath because she was still getting used to sitting.  This was perfect! Order online from Target.com or visit your local store. Favorite things- it QUACKS, it is inflatable so it has soft edges so I didn’t have to worry about her toppling over and hitting her head, it’s cute and didn’t cost much.  I would highly recommend this to every mom. It is also a great solution if you only have a shower or are traveling.  We used it from about 6 months to about a year.

Reaching for more toys

Right after this picture we switched to the big bath tub! She was reaching for another favorite- caterpillar stacking bath cups.

Caterpillar Spillers Stacking Bath Cups

These stacking cups have slits in the bottom so the water drains in fun patterns. C loves nesting them, pouring water and swimming after them! They are Munchkin brand (from Target, I think), but they are also on Amazon.com. Great birthday present- thanks Holly!

Caterpillar Bath Cups - Courtesy Amazon.com

These are a few of my favorite bath things! What are your favorite things for kiddos?

Breastfeeding Favorites

My breastfeeding days have been over for a few months… but these were a few of my favorite things during my 12 months of nursing.

Breastfeeding can be hard and frustrating, so have a support system or ask for the lactation consultant at your local hospital or find a local La Leche League group. I took a breastfeeding class at a local mom/baby shop and it helped a TON, along with a support system of other nursing mom friends and my family. Thanks to my hubby for being fabulous.

These are my opinions, I was not paid for these reviews. These are just things I like :)

Pumping Accessories

PumpEase (hands-free pumping support band) is the MOST FABULOUS, GENIUS invention for nursing moms. The contraption that came with my breast pump was ridiculously complicated and the pumping bras that I found were uncomfortable and just added an extra step that I didn’t have time to mess with.

The PumpEase band is a stretchy piece of fabric (stylish, I might add) that fastens in the front OVER your nursing bra (no need to change) The horns of most breast pumps tuck right into the slots to make hands free pumping a breeze. It was so nice to be able to check my email or read or just sit and relax while pumping instead of having to hold up the pump. Sometimes I would even have baby nurse on one side and pump on the other- PumpEase made this much easier. I had my hands full! Check out their website- I would highly, highly, highly recommend PumpEase to all nursing moms (if you are in between sizes, pick the smaller size- it has 3 fasteners so you can adjust it some) They have a sizing guide on their website.


I had a coupon for a FREE Udder Cover (I only had to pay shipping) Search online to see if they have any current specials. I have the black and white fabric (Porter). It was especially nice when nursing in public because it kind of blended in with my shirt and didn’t call a lot of attention to me. I also have a Bebe au lait that I love.  Hubby bought it for me in the hospital. I like it because it is bright and cheerful fabric. I enjoyed having 2 to switch between. I kept one in the diaper bag and one at home. I didn’t have a problem nursing in public with a cover because they are big and both had a sturdy ring at the top so I could see baby and still be covered. It was also nice to have one at home if we had company and I didn’t want to go in the other room. Baby ate a lot- I didn’t want to miss everything!

Breast Pump

I used the Medela Freestyle Pump. It is small and very portable.   It was easy to take on trips and to work if needed (I work part time and luckily usually could come home during lunch to nurse) The charge lasted for several days, so that was nice. Medela has a lot of great resources on their website and apparently now has an iPhone app- fancy!


Another thing that helped me be successful at breastfeeding were lots of snacks.  My go to snacks were: a huge scoop of peanut butter, string cheese, protein bars or a sandwich (oh and I loved waffles with peanut butter- when I was pregnant and nursing) I tried to drink lots of water too. Remember you are still eating for two, so give your body fuel!

I am by no means a breastfeeding expert, but I did have a pleasant experience and wanted to share these things that helped me be successful. Good luck!

Favorite Things

getSNAZZY.com is adding a new section! Favorite Things- this will mainly be things that make mom life easier/more fun etc.

I haven’t been paid for these reviews, I just love the products. If you want to pay me, I’m sure that can be arranged :)

Daily Outfits will still be around, just maybe not every day.

Favorites Categories will be

Favorites: Infant

Favorites: Toddler

Favorites: Big Kid

Favorites: Mom

Favorites: Family

Check back soon!

What are a few of your favorite things?

Is the song stuck in your head now? Happy Singing!

Sound of Music (Courtesy Amazon)

mom life

Check back soon for the latest mom adventures and favorite things plus tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

2 things that came in handy this week:

Buy extra “favorites” next time you go grocery shopping so you have food for at least 1 extra week in case you don’t feel like shopping or it is ICY and you can’t get out!

Sort dirty silverware when you put it IN the dishwasher. You will save time when putting things away by having all the clean forks together, spoons together and knives together instead of having a mixed mess. Simple and quick, but it saves a little time!

See you again soon!


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