Free Printable Valentine Cards for Kids {Just Add Sunglasses}

I made these fun Valentine’s Day cards for my daughter’s preschool class. They get enough candy, so I wanted to do something candy free! Last year we made heart crayons.

Just add sunglasses to this FREE printable!

You Brighten My Day! Will you be my Valentine?

Free Valentine Card Printable for Kids - Sunglasses Valentine You Brighten My Day - getSNAZZY

DIY Instructions
1. Buy Sunglasses -  Ours are from Party City. Amazon has a Mega Pack if you need more!

2. Print PDF file.  You probably already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

Click here or on the image to open the printable. Then, once opened, either click on the printer button within Acrobat to print the page, or go to the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Print’ or ‘Save As’ and then ‘Print.’ Page 1 of the files has a line for “To: _________ Page 2 is just like the picture above.”

3. Assemble. Punch holes to stick the arms of the sunglasses through. I used a hole punch to make 2 holes (one on top of the other) to stick the arms through the cardstock. Print a practice one so you can get the positioning right for the glasses. I measured 2 cm in from each edge and 4 cm down from the top and punched the holes.

Copyright Notice
These printable Valentine cards are ©

Please remember, these are for Personal or School Use Only.  Please do not sell or redistribute these FREE printable designs. Credit is always appreciated. You are welcome to create a link to this page’s URL, but please don’t link only to the PDF, they will miss the instructions! Thank you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you make your own cards or have a favorite valentine craft? Feel free to put a link in the comments!

Felt Paper Dolls – Quiet Activity for Kids

Felt “Paper” Dolls are a great DIY quiet activity for toddlers and older kids. I made these as Christmas gifts last year. Felt dolls are fun like paper dolls but a lot sturdier! I made a boy and a girl version.

Felt Paper Dolls - EASY DIY Quiet Activity for Kids {Free Printable}


Supplies – Felt (different colors/patterns), scissors, pattern, freezer paper & iron (optional), small box or bag to store final project.

1. Download & Print Pattern for Doll & Clothes
Free Printable Pattern – download PDF here.
2. Trace Pattern & Cut Out Shapes
Freezer Paper Trick: Trace your pattern onto freezer paper and iron it shiny side down onto your felt. Then cut out both layers (pattern & felt) at the same time. Peel off the freezer paper and you have a perfectly shaped felt piece! TIP: Use SHARP fabric scissors. If you don’t have freezer paper just use regular paper and pin the pattern onto the felt and cut out the shape.
3. Create & Decorate
Felt sticks to felt, so the clothes will stick to the doll. I glued a few extra decorations to personalize the shirts (for example I added a butterfly to the pink shirt, a dinosaur for the boy, etc.)
4. Display / Store
I put the finished project in a snap lid box with a picture book of some of the outfit possibilities. I took pictures of outfits and put them in a small photo album, looks like a mini clothing catalog. Be creative! Other Display ideas – Use a Picture Frame – take the glass out and replace with a piece of felt or use an easel to create a display board. You can also just include a rectangle piece of felt that’s slightly bigger than the doll. The table works fine too, you don’t need a special display. Be creative and enjoy!

Felt Paper Dolls - EASY DIY Quiet Activity for Kids {Free Printable} getSNAZZY.comFelt Paper Dolls - EASY DIY Quiet Activity for Kids {Free Printable}

Great DIY gift idea for 2.5 years old and up.

Other ideas- make a “costume” box to dress up your felt doll for holidays. Create scenes out of felt – we built a house and learned about basic shapes too. We made a snowman and Christmas tree out of felt too.

Downloads are free, but I’d love if you would leave a comment! What are your favorite quiet time activities? Are you making any gifts this Christmas?  What do you make out of felt? Follow me on Pinterest too!

I linked up with I Should Be Mopping the Floor, Craft-o-Maniac, Homemaker on a DimeDIY Showoff, Alderberry Hill, Project Inspire.

Easy Toddler Activity: Paint Olympic Rings with Easter Eggs

Today we painted Olympic Rings using Easter Eggs!

It’s a really easy toddler (or older kids) activity.

Olympics Rings Easy Toddler Activity - Painting with Easter Eggs

All you need is paint and at least one half of an Easter egg. Dip the bottom round part of the egg in the paint and use like a stamp.We used a muffin pan as a paint tray and a yard clippings paper bag to protect the table.

Muffin Pan Painting Tray Olympic Rings

We watched this quick video and talked about the Olympics.  Caroline said that soccer and kayaking are her favorite sports :) I didn’t even know that kayaking was an Olympic sport, but it is!

Olympic Rings hanging on fridge

Here’s another idea from Ucreate using cups to make Olympic Rings.

How do you celebrate the Olympics?

Easter Stained Glass – Toddler Activity

This week we made “Stained Glass”

Sooo easy and it only cost $2 if you don’t already have the supplies. Contact or Shelf Paper, Colored Tissue Paper & Tape

Easter Stained Glass Toddler Activity Contact Paper Colored Tissue Holiday Craft

1. Tear up pieces of colored tissue paper (Caroline LOVED this part)

3. Cut out the contact paper into any shape (we did an bunny and cross for Easter)

4. Peel off the backing of the contact paper and tape to the window (or table) with the STICKY side out

5. Have fun sticking the “stained glass” pieces

This was an awesome toddler craft because it didn’t involve glue!

What holiday themed activities do you do with your kids?

Thanks to hands on: as we grow for the idea. Happy Easter!

Coffee Filter Butterfly – Toddler Activity

To continue the theme of The Very Hungry Caterpillar we made butterflies!

Supplies:  coffee filter, washable markers, paper plate or piece of cardboard, spray water bottle, pipe cleaner

1. Flatten coffee filter on paper plate or piece of cardboard to contain the mess then SCRIBBLE with washable markers!

2. Squirt the colored coffee filter 2 or 3 times with water to get a watercolor effect. Dry for a few minutes.

3. Scrunch coffee filter to make wings, wrap pipe cleaner to to make the butterfly body and twist the ends to make antenna.

DLTK’s Growing Together has a great tutorial and tons of other kid’s activities.

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and had snacks. Halfway through the book Caroline ran and found her butterfly wings. :)   We’ve enjoyed picking a book and doing an activity based on it.

What are your favorite toddler books?


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