Egg Carton Caterpillar – Toddler Activity

Caroline made this cute egg carton caterpillar at preschool.

When she got home she added the pink bow :)

Here are some detail directions from

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of her favorite books. It was the theme for her 1st birthday party too. Aren’t the cake and caterpillar cupcakes cute?  The Jenny Layne Bakery is AWESOME!

Then we made coffee filter butterflies!


Paper Plate & Magnet Fishing – Toddler Activity

Yesterday morning I was getting a new roll of toilet paper and Caroline saw the empty roll and decided it was a periscope and she was a pirate looking for sharks! She was so excited so I thought it would be fun to do a shark activity.  Well, they were kind of scary so I thought fish was the next best thing!

Thanks to a quick Google search I found a super easy idea to make a fish out of a paper plate.  Just cut a triangle for his mouth and attach it as a tail. We read about fishing then we made a fishing pole.

Magnet Fishing Pole

1. Tie a piece of string or twine to a chopstick

2. Attach a magnet to the end of the string

3. Add paperclips aka”teeth” to your fish so it will be magnetic.

4. Have fun fishing!

Notes: We needed a pretty strong magnet to pick up the paper plate fish. At first we made a version of this fishing pole by attaching a button magnet to the bottom of a cork with Velcro (glue would work, but I didn’t want to wait for it to dry) Then tie the cork/magnet “hook” to a string.  This form of fishing was fun, but only picked up the paper clips- guess they were minnows.

Later we went for a walk and Caroline saw some water draining and sat down on the sidewalk to go fishing. Guess she enjoyed our game. Can’t wait to take her fishing for reel/real- ha!

Whoooooo do we appreciate? Owl Thank You Card

Today was teacher appreciation day at preschool.

The card turned out so cute with all of the kid’s thumbprints as owls.

Here is a blank one that you can print and add your own thumbprints!

Download the PDF here. Print double sided and then add thumbprints and draw your own owl faces, wings and feet!

The teacher’s loved the personalized card :) and the kids had fun helping!

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Homemade Heart Crayons – Preschool Valentine’s

We had a fun morning making heart crayons for Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for the idea Shannon! Caroline had a blast helping!

Homemade Heart Shaped Crayons

1. Peel crayons (soak in warm water to make it easy)
2. Break crayons into 3-4 pieces

3. Put pieces in silicon cupcake molds (I got mine at Ross for $2.99! I’ve heard that Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart might have them too)

4. Bake @ 250-275 degrees for 10-12 minutes

5. Remove from oven and let cool until they’ve set

6. Enjoy coloring with your fun shaped crayons!

Do you make valentine’s with your kids?

I made these tags and put them in plastic baggies for preschool. The tags have the directions on the back.

Download and print your own tags here.

These 2 blogs were the inspiration. Thanks ladies!

I’m not a big fan “Commercial” Valentine’s Day, so it’s fun to make something instead.

Snowman that won’t melt – FELT :)

Remember our 79 cent Christmas tree?

I bought some extra felt and made a snowman for our little girl!  She LOVES it. She can decorate him over and over again however she wants. The felt sticks to felt so it isn’t a messy project. Stay tuned for more felt projects :) Do you have any favorites?

I found this great “how to” on PinterestThis site has templates and quick instructions too!  I customized our snowman a bit :)

Tip Junkie handmade projects

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