Easy DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace @oilyfamilies @hobbylobbystores

I made my first essential oil diffuser necklace today! So easy and inexpensive too (mine was less than $10.)

Style and wellness in one – perfect.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace @getSNAZZY @OilyFamilies @HobbyLobbyStore

Pieces to buy to make your own DIY Diffuser Necklace:

1. Diffuser Pendant (on the jewelry aisle – they were on the bottom row at our store)

2. Necklace Chain

3. Felt (add 1-3 drops of essential oil and put in the pendant)

4. Jump Rings (1 or 2 to attach the pendant and charms to the chain)

5. Optional – extra charm – I added a key charm to mine

6. Tiny pliers or jewelry tool to tighten the jump ring

7. Young Living Essential Oil (1-3 drops lasts a day)


It was super easy, just pick where on the chain you want to add your pendant. Loosen a jump ring and thread it through so it attaches to the chain and pendant. Tighten with the jewelry pliers. Add a charm if you want by attaching with another jump ring (I used the 9mm size, smaller would be ok too)

Cut a piece of felt so it is small enough to fit in the diffuser locket. Then add 1-3 drops of Young Living Essential Oil to the felt pad. Close the pendant and you are all set!

Now you are ready to wear your stylish and helpful diffuser necklace! (I put peppermint oil in mine – perfect for our road trip – it helps with headaches and motion sickness so I can read in the car!)  I packed a few extra felt pads so I can switch to other oils. JOY and is another one of my favorites!

** Most of the supplies were 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week! You can also use a Hobby Lobby 40% coupon on one regular priced item, just bring it up on your phone. I was not paid by Hobby Lobby to write this post – although that would be awesome, because I often want to buy the whole store!

What’s your favorite essential oil to wear? Leave a comment below!

Ready to buy a Premium Kit of essential oils? Click here to learn more.


A new favorite: The Small Things Blog

Have you met Kate from The Small Things Blog?

I found her blog last week and love it. She seems so classy and real.  Her style is simple, totally doable and cute! Her hair tutorials are awesome.

I love finding new outfit inspiration and easy to follow tutorials so my hair isn’t always in a ponytail! Check out this tutorial “not just a ponytail” – still a ponytail, but cuter – baby steps for me :)

Check out her 30 in 30 outfits challenge too. http://www.thesmallthingsblog.com

Here’s my version of “not just a ponytail” with straight hair. My hubby immediately noticed that my hair wasn’t just in a plain ponytail – success. Thanks Kate. p.s. My clear elastics are from The Dollar Tree – 500 for $1! I’ll tuck my bobby pin better next time!

not just a ponytail from The Small Things Blog - easy mom hair getSNAZZY.com

How do you fix your hair? What are some of your favorite blogs? Leave a comment.

Color Combo: Gray, Navy, Burgundy

Color Combo - gray, navy & burgundy

Color Combo: Olive, Navy, Coral

Color Combo - olive, navy & coral

DIY Halloween Costumes

Part of the fun of Halloween is the hunt for costumes! We always made / put together our Halloween costumes. I even inherited the big box of costumes pieces from my parents when I got married.

Here are a few past DIY costumes:

The Milkman and a 50′s Housewife (scandalous, yes, I know)
Essentials: carton of milk, milk man patch (we ironed one on a white shirt), white pants, bow tie 50′s Housewife: vintage style dress (thrift store), apron, pearls, cleaning gloves, milk mustache (white toothpaste) and of course a baby bump #maternity #halloween #costume

The milkman and 50s housewife - DIY halloween costume @getSNAZZY

Hawaiian Punch & Dr. Pepper
Dress for a luau with grass skirt and leis, add boxing gloves and carry a jug of Hawaiian Punch! My hubby was Dr. Pepper (He wore scrubs and pinned plastic chili peppers to his stethoscope and made an ID badge that said Dr. Pepper) I can’t find a picture of both of us!

DIY Halloween Costume- Hawaiian PUNCH @getSNAZZY

Last year we weren’t as creative… our son was less than 2 months old, so it was a little crazy! Scarecrow- pin patches onto overalls, add some raffia and a straw hat, baby wore monster pjs, I had a witch hat and all black clothes, hubby was a Zombie Marathoner – just wear running clothes and paint your face. Happy Halloween!

DIY Halloween Costumes - Zombie Runner, Witch, Monster, Scarecrow @getSNAZZY

What are your Halloween costumes this year? Or all time favorites?


Welcome BuzzFeed readers! My Hawaiian Punch costume was featured here - 26 Hilariously Clever Halloween Costumes (Punny Halloween Costumes).

Follow me on Pinterest for more ideas!

And while you are here, check out my most popular post ever.

Happy Halloween!

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